Masshole's Laboratory

Published on Jan 17, 2021
What's happenin' GanjaTube..... Masshole is still figuring out his way around on here...but thought y'all might be interested in this experiment .
I was watching this dude propagate bonsai from limbs of grown trees , right on the tree itself.... and it got me thinking .
So basically what I did here is treat a lower branch exactly like I would have treated a cutting I wanted to clone....except I never cut it away .
This starter puck was made of coco coir but other types of starter pucks should work just as well , and I'm thinking Rockwool would do great in this application as well .
Once performed keep your rooting media of choice moist and wrapped in plastic for approximately 30 day .
The hardest part of this process is LEAVING IT ALONE... . Don't be opening it up every week or after a couple of weeks or any of that ...only open the plastic to check moisture and spray when needed......I know you're curious.....but it's best to leave it undisturbed until roots are clearly visible protruding from your starter puck .
If nothing gives you a jump start on making clones , and takes the guess work out of cloning in'll already have roots developed before you even cut your clone away from her Mama ...... and in my book.....
That's just some cool shit !!!
Stay medicated friends

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